The Clorox Company

Campaign Launch of Social Channel (Pinterest)

The Clorox Company is an American global manufacturer and marketer of consumer and professional products.

Community Manager, Intern 10-20 Team Members | 3 Mos. Duration

Specialty: As part of an agile digital marketing team led by the Creative Director of Digital and Content, I managed content creation and was responsible for the MyStains campaign launch of social channel (Pinterest) for top-tier CPG brand (Clorox Co.) demonstrating user-centered design (UCD) principles.

Clorox Mystains campaign for Pinterest

Tools: Pinterest | Content Management System | Adobe Photoshop

How might The Clorox Company leverage the variety of digital platform such as Pinterest to maintain it’s reputation as the icon of clean?

To continue to be innovative and offer customers value, Clorox required strategic digital marketing optimization to ensure their content resonates and adds value.

Generate strategic digital content with cross-functional teams to ensure that the content engages each Clorox consumer in unique and meaningful ways while striving to provide product information and be a resource.

Clorox MyStains campaign for Pinterest