U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank Mobile App

U.S. Bancorp is an American bank holding company. 

UX Producer 30 Team Members (6 Journey Teams) | 8 mos. Duration (2.5 wk. Sprints)

Specialty: As part of the agile U.S. Bank Mobile App team, I guided the UX Design team while working closely with development and leadership, to deliver innovative end-to-end solutions that are effortless, intuitive, and secure mobile banking experience for U.S. Bank customers. I supported the UX Design team with creative artifacts management, asset and inventory control, plan of action development, process improvement, and visual design activities to complete project life cycle and launch of the U.S. Bank native mobile app for iOS.

Tools:  JIRA | Agile Development | InVision | Sketch | Adobe CC


The legacy U.S. Bank Mobile app required a mobile application strategic optimization to maintain competitiveness with customer experience design, app features, and performance in mobile banking. The legacy app was not customizable to individual platforms like native mobile apps. Furthermore, it is not a truly differentiated experience central to people’s lives in the moments that matter. It simply wasn’t a mobile app designed with customers in mind to help customers make smart money moves.

U.S. Bank Mobile app
(Legacy Hybrid)


U.S. Bank unveiled an entirely rebuilt U.S. Bank mobile app, co-created every step of the way with its customers. The resulting app is one of the most comprehensive and useful mobile banking app experiences, fueled by extensive user experience research on how people use their mobile apps and an analysis of consumer needs. Developing a native app provides customers with a faster, more responsive, interactive, and intuitive user experience. The redesigned mobile banking app removes key barriers to money management with practical, intuitive features and personalized insights powered by artificial intelligence.

The launch of the completely reinvented U.S. Bank Mobile app focused on the dashboard user experience design with three goals: 1) how to move money 2) what it looked like 3) how it feels.

The goal was to create an app that would be more than just a ‚Äúdumb, transactional app, but would help build relationships with customers,” said Gareth Gaston, executive vice president of omnichannel (Under the Hood of U.S. Bank’s new mobile app).